START Facing the weight stack, grab a rope attached to an overhead cable. Kneel down on the floor. Hold a rope end steady on each side of your head. The weight will remain elevated from the stack throughout the set.

DO IT Making sure your back is rounded, not flat, crunch your abs to bend forward at the waist as far as you can go, holding the peak contraction for a count. Allow the weight to pull you back to the start position.

Form Tip Don’t sit back as you bend forward, a common mistake, as that means action is taking place at the knees as well.

The Cable Kneeling Crunch is a part of the cable ab exercises,it is a pulling isolation exercise for the abdominal muscles and a great workout for abs.The movement is used as an aid in the development of strength and muscle mass in the abdomen. Its performance is moderately difficult to control. Suitable for intermediate and advanced fitness enthusiasts.


People with shoulder, shoulder girdle and spine injuries should perform the exercise with caution. In case of pain while performing, ask a trainer or an experienced athlete about your form. If the problem is not the form, you should consider consulting a orthopedist.




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